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SK6000 Vending Machine

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The SK6000 machine is a welcome addition to the product range at Harringtons.  With a new elevator delivery system all product is delivered to the hand of the customer bump and fall free.  The machine can be completely adjusted to suit the particular requirements that the site requires - all drinks, all snacks, combination etc., etc..  Coupled with the huge capacity that this machine can hold, it makes the machine suitable for practically any site.

Key Benefits

Direct product viewing eliminates space limitations of spiral based systems increasing channel capacity by over 20%.
Fullly glass fronted, enabling customers to see products before they buy.
Elevator system goes direct to chosen tray and delivers product to the height of customers hand - ideal for delicate products - glass, sandwiches etc..
Machine is fully adjustable in that the entire machine can be sub divided and each individual channel can be adjusted to the particular dimensions of your product.
Standard Capacity (with 5 Trays) would hold 72 crisps, 190 chocolate bars and 100 drinks (bottles/cans)
Standard Configuration (as below)
                    Tray 1 - 12/12/12 - Tray 2 - 12/12/12 - Tray 3 - 12/12/28/28/28/28/50 - Tray 4 - 8/8/8/8/8/8 - Tray 5 - 8/8/8/8/8/8
Additional trays are available to suit your individual requirements, up to a total of 7 trays as shown in main picture.
Can vend virtually any product along with standards - crisps, chocolate, cans, bottles, sandwiches, beer bottles etc..
Magic Eye System on Elevator means no more failed vends.
Secure three anchor point locking system with seperate lockable cashbox for increased security.
Adjustable temperature control, allows for differing temperatures for different trays. Suitable for food (4C to 9C)
Injected foam cabinet walls ensure the best refrigeration using lower power consumption
Full change giving facility.
Lifetime Technical Support on ALL machines.
Optional Note reader available
Dimensions - 1830mm (h) x 803mm (w) x 935mm (d) (72in x 31.5" x 37")
Weight - 320kg

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